Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tony's Journey

Tony Blair lays everything bare
When he writes with flair, his memoir.
He writes about a wasp
(now please donot gasp)
getting into his underwear
and stinging him you know where.
He let out a cry "Goddam
This must be a WMD from Saddam"
Enough provocation enough justification
Rings up his buddy George
"On Iraq let us charge"

Tony loved the comfort of his loo
Loved his gin and tonic too
Affairs with ladies he had quite a few
Says he was an animal in the bedroom
Cherie must have chastised him with a broom
In the annals of PMs his name stands firm
Being first to have fathered a child during his term

Bending & distorting truth was admittedly his game
Iraq stands as testimony to his eternal shame
If Bush was Tweedledum, Blair was Tweedledee
He confesses a secret admiration for Princess Di
On her death he wrote his famous speech
As "Peoples' Princess" she will find her niche

Queen's stony silence made him sad
He prodded Charles to make her speak
And she opened her mouth eGad
On reading about this in his memoir she is mad.
The Order of the Thistle will no longer be his
Till he mends his fences with angry Liz

All in all, his book will be a hit
He will earn for himself quite a pile - to wit

Disclaimer : This does not purport to be a critical review of "A JOURNEY" by Tony Blair, published by Hutchinson, pages 714, price 22.50 pounds sterling.

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