Saturday, February 11, 2012


I walk along the badnaam basti
tinkling of the anklets reverberates
In the dark and dingy corridors
of dilapidated houses with paan stains on the stairs
And now I can hear the beats of the tabalchi
and the soothing notes of sarangi
the tawaif with an artificial smile on her face
swirls and sways curtsying the patrons
"wah Wahs" float in the air
so do currency notes and coins thrown on the floor

Another scene - page 3 gentry on plush sofas

the ramp dazzling with laser beams
Skeleton like lasses sashay along
tossing their pretty heads with studied nonchalance
And as they walk back exhibit their dorsal skin
Coins are not thrown but kisses are blown
Marks are given and crowns are won

I hear the strains of the bollywood song "Jo Koi chahe mujhse milna akela "

Two settings, two environments, two professions

The one we condemn and the other we condone, nay glorify

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