Saturday, October 13, 2012


Before you open your mouth and say "yuck"
Let me warn you this ditty does indeed suck

It's about a worm eating contest in Florida
Which Edward Archibold(32) did consider
For the much touted, coveted prize to be won
Which was ... a female ivory ball  python

Ed goes  on munching several dozen roaches
and handful of worms as the deadline approaches
Alas, he ate not too wisely but ate too well
Within minutes his face began to swell
After bouts of  vomitting, down on the ground he fell

They put him in an ambulance and to the hospital fled
On examining the Doc pronounced " brought dead"

The contest held  by Ben Siegel Reptiles had strict terms
It gave only 4 minutes for eating roaches and worms
The one who ate the  most needed a certification 
That he didn't vomit, an automatic disqualification

The firm praised Edward, who was certainly a trend setter
They said "We are sorry, we will not get to know him better

Dear reader, donot ever  venture into contests like these
There are far better methods to get a python as a pet, please 

( based on a news report in the Times of India dated 10th October, 2012)

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