Saturday, July 21, 2012


Do you want to be immortal, have no fear
That day is not too far, it is quite near
When your brain can easily be sliced
and fitted into a robot's top so devised
as to allow it to live unto perpetuity
What remains to be done is the nitty-gritty
the finishing  touches to cybernetic immortality 

Itskov the visionary entrepreneur has set his sight
On completing this project working day and night
He has christened it  AVATAR  which is just right
In a way it would be the triumph of mind over matter
Offering you immortality on a platter

It is no longer in the realm of science fiction
Of its scientific feasibility there is no contradiction 
The cost of this procedure though, will leave you floored
It will run into billions only the world's richest can afford 

Where does  human being's consciousness lie?
Can a brain severed from body, biological rules defy?
Is  the "me" or "I"   located in the mind or brain?
To all these questions we hunted for answers, but in vain

Can an artificial carrier sustain individual consciousness
Or Will a heart lung machine keep transplanted brain in harness
 The very thought of these problems makes my mind go blank
In the end, I think this Russian chap is just a crank

Defying death is just another  facet of human vanity
I am now working on a new ode on Intimations of Immortality 


* Based on a news item in Times of India dated 20th July, 2012,  quoting a report from  the Daily Mail, London. 

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