Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yesterday,  a star that shone ever so brightly
So full of life, ever smiling and sprightly
Has passed into the skies to twinkle from afar
And to many aspiring  actors be a guiding star

When first I saw him in Aakhri Khat in 1966
Searching for his lost child he seemed to be in a fix
A sallow and awkward youth, a sculptor  to boot 
Into the hallowed precincts of Bollywood he set foot 

Who could imagine that he would soar to such height
With spellbinding performances to viewer's delight
With the epic Anand  a tragedy too sad for words
In Aradhana, he and Sharmila looked great as lovebirds
IN Amar Prem he seeks solace in a courtesan's arms
Even in the badnam basti he throws around his charms 

Whether as a bawarchi wearing the  khadi cap
Or the dakia delivering letters wearing khaki cap
He was unparallelled   in his acting, this charming chap
Tossing of  his head, the bewitching smile,the twinkle in his eye
Made many a fair maiden swoon and say  hai hai  

The death scene in Anand I'll  remember with my mouth agape,
 "zindagi aur maut oooper wale ki haath mein hai"says the tape
Before it unwinds and all we hear is a stuccato noise  
His end too came in a similar manner, he had no choice

We are as bereaved as his family who were at his bedside
All we can do is pray for his soul- let peace abide

Epitaph  " Here was an actor.  When will there be such another?"

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