Thursday, May 24, 2012

Continuing the series "Verse & Worse". It is rumoured that Eve used to count the ribs of Adam whenever he was late while she was waiting for him at Applegate, the reason being her suspicion that there was the "other woman" created by him out of his spare rib. This poem deals with the probable reason why Adam had to cheat Eve.


Why Adam came late 
when Eve was waiting at Applegate
It is my turn now to narrate
In the days following creation
Adam was starved for recreation
"Start by kissing Eve" was God's command
"What is kissing?" was Adam's demand
God explained and Adam took Eve behind the bush
"It felt great" he told God when he returned with a blush
"Now caress her" was God's next tip
Explaining thoroughly so he wouldn't slip
"Oh Lord it was ecstatic; what next, please tell"
"Make love to her and mind to do it well"
"What is 'love' my Lord?"asked the first man
And it was explained to him as only God Almighty can
Again he took Eve behind the bush
Returned in a few minutes flustered and face aflush
" Oh God, what is a HEADACHE? " was his question
Even God Almighty could not explain to his satisfaction
It was then his thoughts turned to the spare rib
If God could create a woman why should he not crib?
That is how the other woman came into being
Who could satisfy Adam and all his craving
Leaving poor Eve high and dry
If you dont believe this, just say "fie !"

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