Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leonardo Di Caprio

With the release of Titanic in 3D i am forced to think
How come they say Leonardo in real life raises a stink
He is so manic about conservation of water
He doesnt take bath even when weather gets hotter
Deodorants he shuns, calling them chemical poison
But tolerates all the toxins in his sweat for no good reason
Matters it seems have come to such a pass
He is about to lose his girlfriend, a lovely lass
What a travesty for one who sank with the ship
With water all around him rising up to his lip
If only the water had vanished in its entirety then
Everyone would have been saved, with no story to pen
My heart goes out to Erin Heatherton , his girl friend
These Hollywood stars are now setting a new trend.

Disclaimer : This is not a figment of my imagination, but based on a
report in the Times of India.

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