Thursday, May 24, 2012


World's greatest mystery gets solved at last

All ye who are curious to know, come fast

Oft have you been asked "what came first

The chick or egg?" Answer you must

But it remained an enigma, a riddle I trust

At last someone cracked it and it has gone bust

In the Isle of Srilanka ,Welimada is a small city

Here was made the great discovery- call it serendipity

A hen gave birth to a live chick in a poultry farm

While the hen died the chick came out without any harm

The Vet in charge Dr.Yapa is privy to this miracle

Now to answer the eternal question, you need no oracle

The hen did suffer lacerations in its reproductive tract

Which is not uncommon during childbirth as a matter of fact

This must have alarmed mother nature in times of yore

The evolutionary process started and a solution it had in store

To prevent fowls from giving birth to live chicks with legs

Nature made them expel the fertilised ova as eggs

To be hatched in the coops quite safe and sound

Thereafter to mother hen they will be bound

So now you can say with your head held high

"The chick came first, if you dont believe it....fie "

NB :- This is based on a news report in the Times of India dated 22nd
April, 2012

Tailpiece :- The answer to this question was also given by a sardarji, sitting in
Pooran Singh's Dhaba in Ambala. When asked which comes first, the chicken or the egg, he confidently replied " Jo maine pahle order kiya "

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