Thursday, May 24, 2012


I suffer from palpitations
That keep me up all night.
I also get hallucinations
Things don’t seem quite right.

Yes, I go into convulsions
I think it is the pill.
Then I get into a depression
'Cause it make me feel quite ill

I experience dizziness
The whole world seems to spin.
And drowsiness is likely
For the blooming state I am in.

My face begins to itch
I may need an antihistamine
But the contra-indications
Scare me and I am not so keen.

I doubt that I have anorexia
I am fast losing weight,
Oh God, I think I have dyspnoea
If I cant breathe , it'll be too late

The doc thinks I just have a headache
Which may soon turn into migraine
Which I should suffer for Christ's sake
And not come back to him again

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