Thursday, May 24, 2012


When I cast my eyes on the paper this morning
On the front page was his photograph adorning
Another Guinness Book record was broken
In glowing terms his achievement was bespoken
A 94 year old Jat from Sonipat became a father
When his 55 yr old second wife delivered, we gather
A bonny child, a male nevertheless, cute newborn
This signal achievement please donot scorn
If you want to know the secret of his virility
It is not eating parathas dripping with pure ghee
But eating half kilo of almonds every day
(which at today's price will cost our half month's pay)
washed down with buffalo milk - full three litres
Even to think of imitating him gives me the jitters
Hail this new hero, Ramajit Raghav is his name
Another feather in the cap to boost Haryana's fame

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