Thursday, May 24, 2012


Two thousand accounts, yes, that is what
Lassange has the CD and it is hot
Netas and Udyogpatis and babus too
Out of fear will now rush to the loo
And I can describe them ( it is not porn)
They'll be as naked as the day they were born
TV anchors are spilling blood and gore
calling the account holders "Chor"
They have filched the country's wealth
Squirreling it in swiss banks in stealth

Some of them of course will bask in glory
When the headlines blare out their story
Am I envious of the attention they get?
I wanna join their tribe, you bet
Am rushing to Geneva by the next flight
to open an account with the speed of light
Depositing my hard earned pension
( the amount I am ashamed to mention)
So that when Wikileaks releases the list
I can raise my hand and clench my fist
And shout with one-up-manship zest
Lo ! Vasanth Pai's name led the rest

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