Thursday, May 24, 2012

US President Obama took a calculated gamble and stepped into the political unknown on wednesday with his fiirm public backing for gay marriage, after a long period of personal soul searching. Obama's move in an interview with ABC news sent seismic waves through pre-election politics and sparked immediate speculation as to whether he had hurt or hindered his chances of winning a second term in November 
- Times of India (11th May 2012)


When gay marriages are solemnised in US
Now that they can do it without any fuss,
The nuptial vows how does the clergy handle
Is it with bell book and candle?
Does he pronounce them" man and man"
Or if lesbians "wife and wife"
Instead of "till death do us part"
Do they say "this is just for a start
Till on appeal the law decrees they come apart

Do they bring bridesmaids and best men
Or is the marriage done with the stroke of a pen?

Is exchange or rings customary?
Or they just go out and make merry?

Man kissing man can be a sight disgusting
Though two women liplocking can be interesting

And how do they raise families their wealth to inherit
Do they go and adopt children purely on merit?
Or the ovum or sperm as the case may be
Is fused "in vitro" with its opposite part from a donor
The gays can always find a surrogate mother
And lesbians have wombs so they face no bother

These possibilities sound bizarre to the uninitiated
In the not too distant future these will be appreciated
As society turns tolerant to same gender pairs
All Victorian prudishness will be kicked upstairs

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