Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Women's Reservation Bill did incite
Horses in the NEIGHbouring stud farm last night
Their grouse- why the heck do humans bedeck
in sequined finery only mares and not studs
with bridegrooms astride amid the cacophony of the band
Baraatis dancing hand in hand

"Gender equality for equines" roared the studs
"Do humans think we are mere duds
Meant to haul carts, run races and fall with a thud
When cavalrymen riding us bite the mud ? "

They held their parliament at stroke of midnight
Amid thunderous applause, to their delight
A resolution was passed and a bill tabled
Parity of studs with mares it enabled

They pleaded with country's most eligible bachelor and heir
That when he goes in a baraat to garland his lady fair
He shouldn't use the services of a mare.

All hell broke out when the mares heard this news
Outraged by this assault their anger was profuse.
They decided that the only way to restore their pride
to stop the studs in their track and stem the tide
was................ to resort to MALE INFANTICIDE

I can only pray to God to save horses from extinction
They have served mankind with such distinction.

Note : A situation may arise when like King Richard III in shakespeare's play of the same name, we may have to shout ' A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse" and yet find none in sight !

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