Thursday, May 24, 2012


The etymology of sensex
May cause the prudes some vex
All it means is that it makes sense
to compare the bourses to bordellos
It's so full of enticing curves
moves up and down and swerves
In a crescendo it peaks
And the poor investor a fortune seeks
But before reaching orgasmic bliss
Falls flat on its face with a hiss
Leaving the investor a nervous wreck
What's left of his money is not even a speck
As bulls and bears dance with this dame
The dalals are upto their necks in this game
Chill winds from US and Europe they blame
And ask you to invest without any shame

Be wary of this belle dame sans merci
Palely loitering on Dalal Street
She will have you in her thrall in no time
And all you are left with will be a dime

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