Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ho for a mudpot full of frothing toddy
So soothing for all the aches in my body
sitting in a shanty so uncouth and shoddy
On the beaches of Goa as the rains lash
Bartender`says "No credit - pay me cash"
Penniless that I m, expect a sound bash
Luckily for me I have with me some hash
Surrounded by firangs whose bodies badly need a wash,
I soon sell my ware and get a pile of cash
But a fool and his money are soon parted
After spending all on booze, to my hotel I darted
Jumped out the room window without paying the bill
Ran to the railway station climbing up a hill
The return ticket saved me from being caught
By the TC in black coat, I was so distraught

As I lie on the bed with a fractured femur
I thank God I am alive, I have nothing to demur

Disclaimer : Please donot believe a word of what is written above. I am neither a boozer nor a junkie, nor have I ever checked out of a hotel without settling my bill.

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