Thursday, May 24, 2012


To learn mathematics at school we all resort to mugging
But have you heard of anyone learning through slugging?

Jason Padgett of US was a school drop out
Of Maths he knew very little, there is no doubt
As he was strolling outside a karaoke club, it is said
Robbers slugged and repeatedly kicked him on the head
Thereafter all he could see were mathematical formulae
He drew intricate drawings wherever his hand he could lay

His case raised curiosity of neuroscientists overseas
They took him to Finland to diagnose the disease
Scanning of the brain clearly revealed
Heavy concussion at a particular point
which he must have suffered, it is believed
while he was slugged near the karaoke joint
The rest of his brain rushed to strengthen this area
To impart to it superhuman skills, is that clear?
That's how he could solve maths problems without fear
Dr. Berit Brogaard calls it by its medical name
SAVANT SYNDROME which brought Padgett such fame

Hasten I must to the karaoke club tonight
To search for those ruffians and pick up a fight
Receiving a few blows on my head will surely end
My present state of ADIPS* my dear friend
Acquiring instead the SAVANT SYNDROME
Which'll turn me into a great poet when I return home.

* ADIPS stands for "Altogether Deficient In Poetic Skills"

(This poem is based on a news item in the Times of India dated 30th
April 2012. )

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