Thursday, May 24, 2012

This poem is based on a news report in the Times of India Bangalore edition dated 12/04/2012. Written in a hurry, pardon mistakes if any :-


In the holy town of Udupi in Karnataka
They are playing some kind of nataka
to usher in rains for the parched earth
What better way than this one full of mirth
The priest has ordained that the only way
Varuna will be pleased is not just to pray
But entertain the rain God with great pomp
through nuptial ceremony as the guests romp
Like we have seen in "A Monsoon Wedding"
As two frogs freshly caught tie the knot
Amidst vedic hymns and chants uttered in style
And the newly weds are fed with a plate full of flies
Their full throated croaking rends the skies
Piercing the clouds that linger about so high
As the rain lashes, the priests heave a sigh

Seeding of clouds is now a thing of the past
This new method of inducing rain will leave you aghast

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